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* PUBLIC EXHIBITION - 10th November *

The exhibition was a fantastic success - Thank You everyone! click here for an interim report

Let us tell you about our nightmare...

Welcome to Stop The Marina! We are a protest group dedicated to stopping the massive redevelopment of the disused quarry at Penlee, West Cornwall, into a large-scale marina, housing and hotel development.

Penlee Aerial 1 - Thanks to Andrew Tyson - our magnificent man in his flying machine!
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If allowed to go ahead, this development would destroy the unique historic character of our area forever. It would erode our culture and our heritage. This will, in turn reduce our revenue from tourism - our principle form of income in view of the steady decline in our local fishing industry.

As well as the marina and the large-scale expensive housing complex, the proposals include: holiday apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, a pub and a luxury hotel with private swimming pool. All this, under the guise of providing local jobs and some affordable housing. In reality, this will be nothing other than an entirely new modern village, completely out of character with our historic surroundings, and foisted on us for no other reason than to make a few rich people even richer.

We would like to see the quarry become a nature reserve for the good of all our community, perhaps with a low-impact wildlife & heritage centre? Perhaps part of the site could be used for outdoor pursuits and activities for our youngsters and visitors alike? No boats, no houses, no shops, no hotel.

Why we are fighting this...
The information within these pages will explain why we are determined to stop this development from proceeding. You’ll find out what will happen to our area and how it will adversely affect our community if the development is allowed to go ahead. Only a select few will profit. There are some very rich players who are playing Monopoly with our lives!

We will also tell you about the other major developments proposed for Newlyn, Penzance, Newlyn Coombe and the Isles of Scilly; how all these schemes are interconnected; and how they don't seem to be the wonderful gifts to our area that the developers would like us to believe.

About us...
Stop the Marina! was formed in May 2005 when our three founder members stood aghast in front of the scale model of the proposed Port Penlee marina at the developer's exhibition at Newlyn Mission. We vowed on the spot to fight the developers and we now have over one hundred active members. Our support is growing by the day.

Our concerns are wide-ranging and far-reaching. We will not let them ruin our beautiful bay and country holiday cottages, disrupt our lives nor fob us off with false promises of new jobs and prosperity.

We are 100% certain we can stop this development but we need your help. Click the link buttons on the left to read more and to find out how you can help us in our fight to...These sites have joined our petition: stone garden furniture, stone benches, stainless steel garden furniture and teak garden furniture manufacturers


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